Gleanings of


Charles Haddon Spurgeon



“Goings for the world and you preach the gospel to every creature”

(Mark 16:15)


The word of God is absolutely necessary to the men so that, for means of it they can discover which it is the will of God for they.

For this God always one has used of men and women who are themselves put on to his service in order to sow the Gospel.

C. H. Spurgeon it was one of they. Precious instrument in the hands of God has left a great number us written and meditations of qhich we want to be, not jealous depositariesbut, divulgers beaucouse still today they buil up and they exhort how many will read true pearls of wisdom.



The fruit of the country
Continue in prayer
An eternal pact 
Feed my lambs
I have desired to pray for you
He will not say to us “I never knew you”
I, the Lord, do keep it
God puts down your hand on me still today
To fall but then to raise again
There is
The Christ’s spouse
The only true delight
Serve you the lord with gladness?
I shall see Good
Grown in the krowledge of our Lord and Saviour
A division is necessary
Aim and end of his life
This is pride; this is vanity
I am be their God
Lo, the flowery month is come          


"Il Faro"

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